Anyone who comes into contact with a person who tests positive for the omicron variant of covid will have to self-isolate for 10 days, it has been confirmed.

The Welsh Government has announced the new measure as fears grow over the spread of the variant, which is said to be more transmissible than previous versions of the potentially deadly virus.

Previously, anyone who has been vaccinated against the virus, and comes into contact with a positive covid case, no longer had to self-isolate, in line with public health advice.

But now, should the positive covid case be a confirmed or probable omicron case, that person must now isolate themselves for 10 days.

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The move is designed to prevent the spread of the variant, and to stop the NHS from becoming overwhelmed as the winter fast approaches.

However, the move has potential to cause a significant amount of disruption to schools, workplaces, and any settings in which people remain in close contact with each other.

It comes just days after UK prime minister Boris Johnson announced that these measures would be put in place in England – with confirmed cases of the variant now found here.

To date, there are 14 cases in the UK, and a number of potential cases currently being investigated.

At this time, there are no cases in Wales, but leading political figures have conceded that it is a question of when, and not if, the variant will spread to this side of the border.

The new restriction was confirmed by health minister Eluned Morgan at a Welsh Government covid press conference earlier today (Tuesday, November 30).

Ms Morgan said: “We will change our self-isolation rules so everyone identified as a close contact of a confirmed or a probable omicron case in Wales will need to isolate for 10 days, regardless of their vaccination status or age."

Continuing, she said: "Never has there been a more important time for us all to work together to protect our families.

"We need to keep doing the small things which have kept us safe throughout the pandemic.

"That means getting vaccinated, isolating and getting tested if we have symptoms."