A CRASH on the A467 Aberbeeg Roundabout at around 6.40pm on November 30 has caused two children to be taken to hospital.

The crash involved two cars, with occupants from both cars being taken to hospital.

Gwent Police described the crash at the time to be a "severe RTC (Road Traffic Collision)" and closed the Aberbeeg Road from Llanhilleth traffic lights A467 northbound, and from the main roundabout southbound.

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Two young children aged one and two have been taken to hospital for treatment though the extent of their injurieshave not been released.

Two adults (one from each car) were also injured.

A Gwent Police spokeswoman said: "We had a call at about 6.40pm on November 30 reporting a road traffic collision involving two cars on Aberbeeg Road.

"One man has been taken to hospital with leg injuries.

"A woman and two children, aged 1 and 2, from the second car, have also been taken to hospital where they are receiving treatment."

The road has since been reopened.