Covid isolation rules in Wales are set to change, but only in relation to one variant of the potentially deadly virus.

In recent days, fears have grown regarding the spread of the Omicron variant – a much more transmissible variety of covid which was first discovered in South Africa.

However, it has since spread to the UK, with 22 confirmed cases in England and Scotland.

At this time, there have been no positive cases in Wales – but leading figures believe its arrival to be an inevitability.

With concerns regarding this variant, and the effectiveness that vaccines have to mitigate it, the Welsh Government has announced changes to isolation rules.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday (Tuesday, November 30), health minister Eluned Morgan confirmed that anyone who comes into contact with a person who tests positive for the Omicron variant of covid will have to isolate for 10 days.

This new measure applies to anyone – even if they have been fully vaccinated.

What’s more, in a bid to protect the public, the timeline for issuing booster vaccines is being moved forwards, from six months after the second dose, to three months.

In the build-up to Christmas, the new isolation rules have potential to cause significant disruption to schools, workplaces, and family gatherings.

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How does it work?

The Welsh Government has confirmed that as part of PCR testing, the variant is identifiable.

As a result, members of the public will be informed if they test positive for the Omicron variant.

Test and trace will also be in place to inform people who may need to isolate, should they have come into contact with a positive case.

Unsurprisingly, this latest announcement has divided opinion among Argus readers.

Below, you can check out a selection of readers comments.

Argus readers react to isolation rule change

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Kenneth Philip Austen said: “It’s not in Wales yet, this is preparation. It’s possible it’s a very mild version judging by reports. Yet to be verified. Could be a sign its getting weaker.”

Tania Garwood said: “How are people supposed to afford 10 days off work if they haven't got the virus.”

Kate Stewart said: “The majority need vaccinating to stop the spread. We live in a very small world, most of which(poorer countries) aren't vaccinated. Viruses mutate the more they spread, the longer the world struggles with vaccination progress, the more variants will establish and spread.

“Shut clubs! Stop mass gatherings! I'd love someone to explain why it is OK for masses to gather, just so the rest of us can suffer as a result.”

Jemma Rae said: “What about paying people to bloody isolate. I'm agency. I don't work I don't get paid!”

Adam Sheppard said: “Just get on with our lives and cope with it.”

Pete Fullwood said: “It’s ifs or butts no point wining about it.”

Terry Davis said: “Merry Xmas.”