ARGUS readers have shared their opinions on social media on whether or not schools in Wales should be closed early following the emergence of the Omicron variant.

So far, schools will remain open as previously scheduled, but will that may change as more information regarding the Omicron variant comes to light.

If the variant spreads quickly and proves to be more infectious than previous variants, there is a reasonable chance that schools will be closed in order to protect pupils and staff.

The majority of readers seem to agree that schools should be kept open for as long as possible, saying that children have missed more than enough school since the pandemic began.

Anne-Marie Spooner said: "Don't think that there is any teacher in the land that wants this...our pupils are our absolutely main focus...their wellbeing and achievement is paramount."

Kerrie Carpenter said: "Stay open they’ve missed enough in the last two years" and Chris Sammut agreed, saying "They missed dearly last year! Keep on going normal as we do not know what might happen!".

Some people even claimed that children get too much time off around Christmas, though it's unclear if they were joking.

Laura Harmon said: "No they finish too early as it is. 17th is far too early. They should be in till 23rd."

Paul Duxon said: "I’m not being humbug, but keep the kids in school until the 23rd and then they all go back on the 27th."

Some people did believe that the schools should be closed if it is necessary to protect public health.

Helen Slatter said: "Yes finish early but also go back early, or maybe cancel half term so at least they are getting their full education."

Gail Cusack said: "Yes if it saves people being so ill it's worth it."

If you agree or disagree that children should stay in school following the emergence of the Omicron variant - leave a comment below.