A FIRE has engulfed the Severn Bridge Club in Chepstow.

Fire crews were called to the blaze which ripped through the structure of the Bulwark building at around 7.50pm this evening.

The club was scheduled to be demolished and had been closed for some time.

The plan was to build a Lidl supermarket on the site.

Arsalan Mohammed, who runs O'Yes Pizza in Bulwark Shops, just across the road from the club said that earlier today the police were at the site as there had been "suspicious activity".

They were unable to get into the site due to the fences however.


He said that shortly afterwards the place just "burst into flames".

Residents of houses on Marten Road, which is directly behind the club, have been evacuated.

Some have been taken in by households slightly further away from the fire.

Douglas Sipson, Marten Road resident, said that there had been rumours of squatters occupying the site in recent weeks.

The police were called last week after a fire was started. It was initially thought to be a chimney fire.

South Wales Fire Service and Gwent Police have been contaced for more information.

A fire fighter at the scene says that there is not thought to have been anyone inside the building at the time of the fire.