A Newport hospital has confirmed that they have had a covid outbreak among patients and staff.

No patients are being admitted to the affected part of St Cadoc’s Hospital, in Caerleon at this time, while the local health board works to get the outbreak under control.

Earlier this week, a representative from the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board confirmed that a number of employees and patients at St Cadoc’s had tested positive.

They stressed that this represented a “a small number of patients and staff” at the mental health facility.

It is not thought that these cases are of the Omicron variant of the virus – which has yet to be confirmed in Wales, despite growing case numbers elsewhere in the UK.

Despite the confirmed cases, figures at the health board have stressed that strict infection control procedures remain in place in all Gwent hospitals.

News of the outbreak sparked a response from Argus readers, who took to social media to share their views.

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Argus readers react to St Cadoc’s covid outbreak

The below comments were taken from the South Wales Argus Facebook page.

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Louise Ann Chiles said: “Wish them all a speedy recovery and I hope no one there is extremely ill, take care all.”

Claire Peach said: “They’ve done quite well with measures to get this far really, our family member was being seen there even during the first lockdown and received incredible care.”

Sadie Williams said: “Money on a everyone’s appointments get cancelled again in every hospital.”

Hilary Marley said: “I hope they are letting those at risk know so they can get checked.”

Mandy Edwardss said: “Both staff and patients affected by the outbreak!!! and they would all or 99% be double vaccinated and even booster too.”

Rach Lloyd Russ said: “Hope no one seriously ill. Wishing all speedy recovery.”

Vicki Price said: “Hope everyone is ok.”

Barbara Mayo said: “It’s so sad to see so many vile people that think putting laughing emoji is acceptable. Shows the measure of the people who are covid conspiracy theorists- selfish and uncaring with no concept of human compassion.”

Statement from the health board in full

Confirming news of the outbreak at St Cadoc’s, a spokeswoman for Aneurin Bevan University Health Board told the Argus: “We are continuing to manage a COVID-19 outbreak affecting a small number of patients and staff at St Cadoc’s Hospital.

“Our Outbreak Control Team are managing the situation and affected areas remain closed to admissions until they are clear of infection.

“Staff at the Health Board have been working tirelessly throughout the Covid-19 pandemic to care for our patients and to prevent the spread of the virus in our hospitals.

“We have strict infection control procedures in place within our hospitals and are taking every possible measure to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.”