IT was clear shortly after Tim Booth strolled onto the stage looking well prepared for Storm Arwen in fur jacket and hat that this was no greatest hits tour.

The support act of the Happy Mondays ensured this would not be one of those flat Sunday gigs; they provided the element of shambles that you’d expect, got a lift from Rowetta’s energy and set the tone with a setlist that ended with the majestic Wrote For Luck.

That 1988 track was followed by James’ opener, Zero, from this year.

Now a nine-piece still dominated by the presence of Booth, they mixed things up with a smattering of songs from the summer’s ‘All the Colours of You’ along with the hits that, it has to be said, went down better.

She's a Star, Come Home, Born of Frustration, Getting Away With It (All Messed Up) were slotted in on a gig that was in parts like a stage show before the finale of Laid and Sit Down went down a treat.

The night had an 80s and 90s feel but, after a made few years, James have plenty more to say.