CONCERNS have been raised that an 'urgent' water leak confirmed by Newport City Council could be a sign of another sinkhole in the city.

The leak, on Durham Road in the St Julian's area of the city, was first reported to the council as a pothole by Conservative activist Michael Enea.

Since filled, the pothole is still showing signs of water bubbling up from beneath according to Mr Enea.

"Upon closer inspection, I now believe there is water leaking upwards out of the pothole," he said.

"You can see from the photos, the road surface around the pothole has sunk very slightly, with cracks appearing in the tarmac. 

"If I had to hazard a guess, I would say the ground underneath could be potentially hollow, and as such, extremely dangerous."


A spokesperson for Newport City Council said: "A water leak has been found and this has been reported as an urgent issue for Welsh Water to investigate."

This is not the first time worries have arisen over sinkholes in Newport.

A sinkhole appeared on Cromwell Road earlier in the year, with, Newport City Council closing the road to resolve the issue.

The stretch of road was first closed on September 8, with motorists diverted via the SDR and Nash Road to the south and via Chepstow Road to the north over the last few weeks – although some drivers were criticised for moving barriers to drive along the pavement instead.