WE have been in the Covid-19 pandemic for almost two years now, with new variants being found and rules changing as the figures change.

One rule that has not changed in Wales is the wearing of face masks while on public transport and in indoor venues including health centres, shops and other indoor public spaces unless exempt.

Despite the rule still being in place, many have said fewer people are actually adhering to the policy – and in many places it is not being enforced. We asked Argus readers on Facebook whether they are still wearing their masks when they go shopping with mixed results.

Many people responded with just one word answers of ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and some elaborated further.

Here is just some of what you said:

Paul Harris: “Yes, respect for others.”

Ian Golden: “Yes as I’m not selfish and it’s not a hassle.”

Lloyd Reynolds-Jacobsen: “No, never wore one. I am also unvaccinated.”

Tim Rees: “Yes of course. Masks and social distancing are excellent ways of minimising the transmission of Covid, and flu and cold and winter vomiting bug etc.”

Linda Evans: “Yes, absolutely. Any protection is better than none. Prevention is better than cure.”

Rowena Tasker: “Yes I am. I have avoided colds the last two years and my health has been better for it. I will not wear it outside unless in a very, very overcrowded area.”

Pippa Needs: “Exempt due to anxiety and PTSD along with hearing loss, but I did wear a shield until I was double jabbed. However, people wearing masks incorrectly is seriously irritating, why bother wearing one if it’s not covering the nose!”

Lauren Bryce said: “Yes! My son’s having chemotherapy, he has no immunity to anything. For those that don’t wear them because they’ve got healthy immune systems, please think of families like ours.”

Margaret Wood-Pitman said: “Yes definitely, and I wish everyone else would do the same. Those people who refuse to wear one are so selfish. They may not get it but they could be carriers and pass it on to innocent who are vulnerable.”

Susan Elliott said: “I have work a mask through my own choice not because I have been told. I sanitise, again my choice not because I have been told. I do these things as it may help or slow down the spread. Also, I do these things as I wouldn’t want anyone to go through what I have been through.

“I had covid and almost died from it, my husband who was fit and well died this March because of it. If wearing a mask makes the smallest difference then I will wear one. Just remember its personal choice and we shouldn’t have to have someone to tell us what to do, surely we make those choices. The one thing we can’t decide is if we have the right to make someone ill when we could have prevented it.

“Surgeons and other professionals wear a mask to prevent the spread of germs, is this any different? If wearing a mask means less people die and I mean not just because of covid, isn’t it worth it?”


Byran Moore: “In Wales, isn’t it a legal requirement, so no contest. You should where a face mask when visiting shops and supermarkets. Sadly this is not being enforced, to an extent because of the abuse one gets when folk are challenged.”

Justine Bosanko: “Yes, wear a mask for the benefit of others around me. I am unvaccinated but that’s my decision and I feel safe in myself, but I don’t see why I shouldn’t wear a mask if it helps others feel safe and protects them even just one per cent."

Lynne Reed said: “Yes, and always will. I think they should be insisted on. As someone in a wheelchair, I’m at the right height to inhale any coughs or sneezes as I do my shopping. So are youngsters in a pushchair. Protect others as well as yourself.”

Barbara Lewis said: “Yes, don’t like it but willing to do my bit to help others. What annoys me is people who do not use it correctly by not covering their nose.”

Trudy Packer: “No, I find them incredibly uncomfortable, they make me wretch, and I’ve just been listening to a discussion on the radio in which it was said that a face mask gives, at the very, very best, only 10 per cent protection.”

John Harding: “Yes it’s the law in Wales unless you’re exempt.”

Ceri Joanne: “No, never have.”

Carys Cox: “No never have. Also unvaccinated.”

Kara Hatherall: “No never have, never will.”

Hayley Gauden: “No and won’t be putting one back on either.”

Bruno Brito: “No masks, no jab, no nothing. Working basically every day since this started without any protection and the results... I’m okay. Nothing changed so why I got to wear a mask?”

Craig Cueto: “No. Go three miles over the bridge into Bristol and you don’t have to wear them, and they’ve got a lower R number than us.”

Maureen Smith Probert: “Yes. I’m exempt but still wear one always.”

Tracey Evans: “No, if the rules made sense then maybe more people would wear one. You can stand in a stadium with 70,000 people and not nee done. You can go to a nightclub and not need one etc, but if I want to go and do a shop, I need one. So how do these rules make sense? I’m vaccinated. It’s good enough to show a pass and not need a mask, so why should I wear one in a shop?”

Gemma Elizabeth: “In a supermarket yes, where there are others around as I haven’t been vaccinated. But to be honest I don’t see how it makes a difference. Thousands can now watch a footy/rugby match together, they aren’t wearing masks. I have loads of friends who have been vaccinated and still had covid and spread it. And also been really poorly.”

Jackie Morris: “No, only in a medical facility.”

Katie Afanasow: “No, I don’t wear one since I had covid. I now find it extremely hard to breath with a mask on and I have a panic attack.

Sarah Morris: “No, they make me sneeze which isn’t good going around a shop. If the shop insists I wear one, I do.”

Matt Ballam: “I don’t. However, if I’m asked by the staff to wear one then I will.”

Ian Longman: “Not since my jabs no.”