NEWPORT City Council have said that they cannot rule out a repeat of the flooding seen in Newport's St Woolos Cemetery in recent years despite prevention work having taken place.

Site-wide drainage maintenance, repair and improvement works were carried out several years ago by Newport City Council (NCC) to help address the significant flooding that occurred in St Woolos Cemetery.

However, in December last year, cemeteries in the city were in an 'upsetting' state after being badly affected by the flooding.

This was not helped by extreme rainfall during Storm Bella at the start of this year.

Council teams battled to keep flood water from damaging the sites.


However, despite their best efforts the city's cemeteries have been "badly impacted".

St Woolos Cemetery in Newport was also flooded badly back in 2016.

Work carried out to protect against such flooding has included pipe repairs and the installation of a new outlet chamber.

However, an NCC spokesperson said, flooding still occasionally occurs "when exceptionally torrential rain falls in a short period on already saturated ground".

"This is beyond the council’s control but we recognise that it can be upsetting for relatives," they said.

"However, we would like to reassure them that the flood waters do subside naturally within days and does not damage the graves."