LETTERS are being written to those in Wales described as Clinically Extremely Vulnerable, as the nation deals with the growing threat of the Omicron variant of Covid-19.

Those most at risk, and on the shielding patient list are set to receive a letter from chief medical officer of Wales Dr Frank Atherton over the coming days.

The letters are designed to provide these individuals with all the latest advice and guidance from the Welsh Government, and Public Health Wales, as the fast-moving omicron variant continues to spread.

It comes as Wales has recorded another 3,292 covid cases in the latest 24 hour testing period.

This includes another 549 cases in the Gwent area.

In a written statement, health and social services minister Eluned Morgan confirmed news that the letters are being sent out.

Along with the general information, the letter is urging those who are clinically vulnerable to get a booster vaccine.

What’s more, those who are severely immune-supressed are advised to also get a third primary dose of the vaccine, which is described as the best form of defence against the potentially deadly virus.

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Statement from the health minister in full

Ms Morgan said: “The chief medical officer for Wales is writing to everyone on the Shielding Patient List to provide them with updated advice about the new, fast-moving omicron variant.

“In addition to advising them about how they can minimise their risk of catching the virus, the letter will emphasise the importance of having the booster vaccine; provide the latest advice about testing, including our 'flow before you go' message and highlight the new medications available to people with certain conditions who test positive for Covid-19.

“This is a worrying time for all of us, especially for those people who are at increased risk from the virus. However, there are many more protections in place now than there were when the shielding list was first created at the start of the pandemic.

“Having the full course of Covid-19 vaccines, including the third primary dose for people who are severely immuno-suppressed, followed by a booster vaccine, is the best defence available to all of us. It is vital we make getting the vaccine, including the booster, a priority.”