A SOUTH Wales band with a new sound, and new member, has has "incredible" feedback to their latest album.

The Autumn Killers – made up Rob Reece from Caerphilly (vocals, bass, piano), Duncan Richardson from Newport (guitar, backing vocal, keys), and Graeme Hoy (drums and percussion) – recently launched Darkside which was voted ‘album of the month’ by Great Music Stories Radio, with the rockers featuring on Kerrang Radio, Hard Rock Hell Radio, and having a CD sampler with Powerplay Magazine.

The Autumn Killers started in 2019 as a “basic straight rock band” and when they began recording their debut EP Covid struck, hitting the live music industry hard.

“While we were in lockdown we started writing remotely, bouncing ideas back and forth via e-mail,” said lead singer and bassist Rob Reece.

“This gave us more time and space to experiment. Duncan [Richardson] has extensive knowledge of synthesisers and keyboards and has used them for years.

"We started blending these elements into the songs, which basically created the sound you hear now: still very much a rock band but incorporating influences of other genres and more use of synths, samples, and drum loops.

“The fan reaction to the album has been incredible; people seem to be really getting onboard with our new direction and sound.”

Darkside was inspired by lockdown and what happened on a global scale amid the Covid pandemic, with the title inspired by the virus. It features new drummer Graeme Hoy, with the band “very proud” with the final product.


The album features 12 tracks, including singles One of Five - which earned the #1 spot on the Top 10 Tracks on Banks Radio Australia - and Do You Want It with three more singles to be released off the album in 2022 before the band returns to the studio.

Autumn Killers have enjoyed live music slowly making a comeback, with highlights of 2021 including:

  • Wildfire festival in Scotland;
  • Planet Rockstock run by Planet Rock Radio;
  • Cardiff City Football Stadium gig with more than 5,000 fans.

Darkside is available on all digital platforms and a physical copy can also be bought from the band's website www.theautumnkillers.uk