BACK in 2011 we published a series of pictures, of which this was one, as part of a project by tutors from the University of Wales, Newport.

The following year was the centenary year of photography being taught in Newport and, as part of celebrations, tutors were looking for the people in the pictures which came from a documentary photography project run during the 1980s.

The pictures were taken for the Newport Survey, a project which documentary photography students did throughout the 1980s to capture life in the city during the decade.

Each year students were given a different topic ranging from education and religion to family and industry and were asked to take photographs which captured city life in relation to that topic.

This picture is one of the family images captured by students.

A book of the Newport Survey was then published every year and launched at Newport Art Gallery, John Frost Square, which contained a series of photographic essays.

As part of centenary celebrations, a Newport Survey exhibition was planned at the university’s city campus.

Document photography senior lecturer Paul Reas, who was also a student on the course during the 1980s, was appealing for people in the photographs to join them at the exhibition.

He said at the time: “The Newport Survey was and is a unique thing. It’s a historical document and shows how life has changed since the 1980s.

“The people in the photographs potentially have some lovely stories to tell.”

The first photography class was introduced at the university in 1912. Magnum photographer David Hurn then established the first diploma course in Documentary Photography in Britain in 1973 at the university.