TRIBUTES have been paid to a well-known Chepstow woman following her death at the age of 92.

Eileen Grassby passed away on Wednesday, December 22 after a short illness.

Born Eileen Reece, Ms Grassby came from a Shirenewton family and showed early promise as a singer, appearing in many productions for the Chepstow Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society.

She was a pupil at Larkfield Grammar School, and often attended annual reunions.

She later married Peter Grassby, who came from the family of stonemasons with a yard in Station Road in Chepstow.

They had a son, Stephen - a sculptor, who passed away recently - and a daughter, Juliette - who became an actress, appearing in several films.

Ms Grassby had a varied and interesting life.

She had at one time been a tiller girl, and freelanced widely.

However, her greatest personal triumph was joining the chorus of the Welsh National Opera.

Those of a certain vintage may remember her singing at the Medieval feast events held in Caldicot Castle.

Sunflower House, near Larkfield Roundabout, was the last place in Chepstow in which Ms Grassby lived.

She was well known for hosting garden parties and musical evenings at her house.

Later in life she moved to London to be with her family, who were all with her at her passing.

A friend of Ms Grassby's, Keith Underwood, wrote: "After she left Sunflower, the heart went out of the lives of many of her friends.

"She will always be remembered with affection.

"Her grandsons, Rupert, Finlay and Marlow were everything to her."