A BARRY woman has regained her confidence after losing almost three stone through Slimming World.

Lou Taylor, a self-confessed “yo-yo dieter” over the last decade lost almost three stone in eight months through Slimming World - and was voted Miss Slinky 2021.

Like many of us, Ms Taylor struggled in lockdown – she was juggling raising her two children with her job as a youth support worker during a global pandemic.

Stressed out and unable to go to the gym and she made “bad decisions” with food, gaining two stone which had a knock-on effect on her mental health.

“I was massively overweight and feeling miserable with the weight I gained in lockdown,” said Ms Taylor.

“Stress caused me to make bad decisions around food; I tried to exercise at home, but the work phone and laptop was always on and my family were always around – I had minimal time for myself.

“My confidence took a dip. I didn’t see anyone outside of my family and my work colleagues and this had a knock on effect on my mental health. The less I went out the less I wanted to go out.”

Eventually she reached out to a friend at Slimming World who passed along a consultants’ phone number.

“I text Laura [Hicks] who gave me a call and she was so understanding and caring I joined immediately,” said Ms Taylor.

She joined Slimming World’s Colcot Barry group and attended the weekly Zoom sessions – as groups were online due to Covid – where she saw “a lot of familiar faces” who welcomed her back with “open arms”.

“The group always listens to any concerns, has good advice for each other and are not just there during the groups but on the end of the phone or a message away,” said Ms Taylor.

“In my first week I lost 8lb. I am a fussy eater but love cooking, so food optimising fits in well with my lifestyle. I am on the go a lot with work and it is easy to pick up food on the go and stay on plan.”

Home cooked meals are a firm favourite, with Ms Taylor still able to enjoy steak and chips with her family while staying on plan. She scrapped white bread for wholemeal and ditched meal deals for a weekly meal plan.

“I save money, throw away less food and it helps me to stick to plan,” added Ms Taylor.

“I use my syns on treats if I want them, but don’t plan to use them apart from to enjoy some wine or gin on the weekend. I was voted Miss Slinky 2021 in my group, and this made me feel so pleased and confident.

“I enjoy being social again, I go to the gym as often as I can and I have achieved bronze, silver & gold body magic awards and I’m now working towards platinum award.”

For more information about Laura at Colcot's Slimming World group visit www.slimmingworld.co.uk/group/559267