NEWPORT County AFC striker Courtney Baker-Richardson has no plans to get vaccinated despite the EFL’s push for players to be jabbed.

It was revealed before Christmas that a quarter of players in the Championship, League One and League Two do not intend to get the Covid vaccine.

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County had an outbreak that led to the postponement of their December 29 trip to Leyton Orient.

Baker-Richardson was not one of the absentees and has never tested positive for Covid, revealing that he is one of the quarter of players that haven’t had the jab.

South Wales Argus: County's Coutney Baker-RichardsonCounty's Coutney Baker-Richardson

“I think I’m immune! I just never seem to contract it,” said the 26-year-old striker, who joined from Barrow on a one-year deal last summer.

After confirming he hadn’t had the vaccination, Baker-Richardson said: "I trust my body, I don't think I've even got flu jabs and I never get ill. If I feel a sniffly nose I will bang a hot drink remedy, that's about it.

“I never really feel in a state of illness. I am not against it (vaccination), each to their own. I am not going to push my opinion or push someone else's.

"I'm happy with what's going on myself and that's enough for me."

The Omicron variant led to the EFL bringing in stricter protocols after a raft of postponements and they have promoted getting jabbed.

The governing body’s medical advisor Dr Richard Higgins said: "Alongside enhanced protocols, which includes mandatory testing ahead of matchdays, the EFL continues to strongly encourage players and staff at clubs to get fully vaccinated and obtain a booster jab if eligible to do so.

"We know that getting double jabbed and boosted now will reduce the risk of getting seriously ill or dying from Covid-19, reduce the risk of catching or spreading Covid-19 among teammates and loved ones, while helping protect against Covid-19 variants including Omicron."

Baker-Richardson was asked about whether footballers had a moral duty to get vaccinated.

South Wales Argus: Newport County's Courtney Baker-RichardsonNewport County's Courtney Baker-Richardson

"We have to look after each other in the best way that we can but when I have got a centre-half breathing down my neck, I'm not bothered. He might have the jab or not,” he said.

"I want everyone to stay as healthy as they physically can and be the best that they can be.

"For me, just do what you can to protect yourself and be as healthy as you can at all times."

Asked whether manager James Rowberry respects that decision, Baker-Richardson said: "Yeah, he's not really said too much about it to me personally.

"There are a couple of lads who aren't vaccinated, we are all entitled to our opinions.

"You can't force things down people's throats. We all know what's around and what's in front of us, we hear it on the news every other day.

"I think it's just more of a sense of 'stay on top of what you can, live healthy and protect yourself'."

County's fully-vaccinated players do not need to self-isolate if a close contact of a positive case. Those that are not fully vaccinated have to self-isolate for 10 days.