A RECENTLY restored flight connecting South Wales with Belfast has once again been halted.

Last year, direct services from Cardiff Airport to Belfast were introduced, operated by Eastern Airways.

But, while these flights were introduced to great fanfare, the route has been halted at this time.

In a post on social media, Cardiff Airport revealed that Eastern Airways have halted the route from January through to early March.

To date, the airline has yet to issue a confirmation on the matter.

However, their website shows no available flights connecting the two cities until Friday March 11.

When the route was first announced, Roger Hage, general manager of Eastern Airways, said: "As the UK’s regional airline already serving all four home nations, connecting Belfast to Cardiff as passenger confidence returns is critical to supporting the tourism and business sectors and helping people unite with families again.

“Eastern Airways is all about supporting the regions of the UK, connecting people and places, so adding further services at hubs we already serve is another crucial part in the economic recovery and prosperity of Wales and the island of Ireland.”

It is believed that the decision to shelve flights at this time comes as a result of the current covid situation - which has caused all manner of disruption to air travel, far beyond Cardiff Airport.

While travel has slowly started recovering since the first wave of covid, the latest omicron variant, and the speed in which it has spread, has proved to be a setback in many aspects of society - including travel.

Tightened isolation rules, and a return to travel bans in some instances, have again put a strain on an industry which proved to be somewhat volatile even before covid - with big name operators such as Flybe and Thomas Cook ceasing to exist in recent years.

And, even in instances where no new restrictions have been put in place, aviation has seen a decrease in demand from customers too.

What have airport bosses said?

Spencer Birns, chief executive at Cardiff Airport said: “The Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact the aviation industry, and flying remains fluid.

“All airlines are reviewing their flying programmes globally based on international restrictions and demand, and we advise customers due to fly to check with their airline or tour operator for the latest updates on their flight.

“We continue to follow the public health guidance keeping the safety and security of our team and passengers as our number one priority.”

The Argus has contacted Eastern Airways for additional information.