A SHORTAGE of drivers has forced Stagecoach to cancel some of its services in Gwent this afternoon.

The firm has confirmed that its Blackwood depot is currently short-staffed, with services to Newport, Caerphilly County and Blaenau Gwent being affected today.

Stagecoach has apologised for the inconvenience caused to passengers on its Twitter page.

The driver shortage has hit the following services:

• Service 5 Blackwood to Pantside at 7.55PM

• Service 56 Blackwood to Newport at 4.02PM

• Service 56 Newport to Tredegar at 5PM

• Service 56 Tredegar to Blackwood at 6.45PM

• Service 151 Blackwood to Newport at 1.45PM, 2PM, 4.40PM & 6.20PM

• Service 151 Newport to Blackwood at 2.45PM, 3PM, 5.40PM & 7.20PM