NEWS that around 100 Downing Street staff were invited to a party in the garden of Number 10 during the height of the coronavirus pandemic "defies belief".

That is according to Welsh health minister Eluned Morgan, speaking today at a coronavirus update press conference.

Ms Morgan said that to see accounts of such a rule-breaking gathering having taken place, juxtaposed with the sacrifices being made by so many people at the time "just defies belief".

Boris Johnson is under pressure once again over news that around 100 people were invited to a "bring-your-own-booze" drinks event in the Downing Street garden during the first lockdown back in May 2020.

"It is the prime minister's responsibility to lead from the front," she said.

"Once again he has failed to give very simple answers to very simple questions."


The Tories soon wheeled out recognisable MP Michael Fabricant to speak to the BBC, who leapt to the government's defence, saying: "These people had worked incredibly hard on all our behalves on the vaccine programme".

However, Mr Johnson has so far failed to confirm or deny his presence at the party.
"The public deserve to know," Ms Morgan said.

"It undermines the authority of the prime minister.

"People are likely to be less willing to follow the example set by a prime minister not able to follow his own rules."