THE latest alleged lockdown breach at Downing Street has been roundly condemned by many of Gwent's MPs.

According to a leaked email, a Downing Street official invited more than 100 people to a "bring your own booze" party in the garden of the prime minister's residence while the UK was under heavy Covid restrictions in May 2020.

Boris Johnson has refused to say whether he attended the gathering with his now-wife Carrie, although it has been widely reported he was there.

The Argus asked Gwent's MP's for their views on the latest lockdown breach allegations.

David Davies, of Monmouth, is Gwent's only Tory MP and also serves as a minister in the Wales Office. He said: “I am afraid I do not know anything about a 'party in Downing Street'. There is an investigation going on into an allegation about it so I look forward to the findings.”

The region's Labour MPs all moved to condemn the alleged party, however.

Jessica Morden, of Newport East, said many people in the city would be "appalled to hear that another Downing Street party took place at a time when many were suffering loss and loneliness".

She accused Boris Johnson of "hiding behind ongoing investigations" and urged him to be "upfront with the country on what happened".

Newport West MP Ruth Jones spoke in the Commons today, asking a government minister "why anyone in this House or this country should believe a word this prime minister ever says again".

Speaking to the Argus, Ms Jones said she was "furious" at the alleged breach and it was "obvious by the lack of cabinet ministers and Tory back benchers in the Chamber for the debate that Boris Johnson is haemorrhaging support from his friends and colleagues".

Nick Thomas-Symonds, from Torfaen, told us: “At a time when people could not hug some members of their family, when they could not visit dying loved ones to say goodbye, when they sacrificed attending funerals, when weddings were cancelled, over 100 people were being invited to a 'bring your own booze' Downing Street party. 

“It's disgraceful and the buck stops with Boris Johnson who has shown utter contempt for the rules he was expecting everyone else to follow."

Caerphilly MP Wayne David said he was "utterly disgusted by the prime minister's actions".

"It is appalling that Boris Johnson has blatantly broken his own government's Covid rules when the rest of the country was in a strict lockdown," he added. "There cannot be one rule for the Westminster government and another rule for everyone else. Boris Johnson is a disgrace".

Islwyn's Chris Evans told us he was "disappointed but not surprised" to hear the news about the alleged Downing Street party during the first lockdown.

"We all remember how difficult that time was, one thing that got us through was the sense of joint national sacrifice," he added. "To know now that the prime minister and his staff were flouting these rules is an insult to all those who have suffered and lost loved ones during this pandemic."

Families of Covid-19 victims have also spoken out about the allegations. The Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice group said if the prime minister attended the alleged Downing Street drinks party in May 2020 then his position would be “untenable” and he would have “lost all moral authority to lead the country”.

Blaenau Gwent MP Nick Smith was also contacted for comment.