THE speed limit on a section of motorway near Chepstow is being cut for safety reasons.

Exit slip-roads on the M48 at junction two (Newhouse Roundabout) have been slashed to 40mph in both directions.

The Welsh Government said the change was due to a "number of safety issues including nose-to-tail shunt collisions" and further collisions "involving late and sudden lane changes" on the westbound exit slip-road.

Traffic levels around the junction two exit have increased since the tolls were removed on the two Severn bridges.

Doing nothing and retaining the national speed limit there "could, in the worst case, lead to further collisions occurring", the Welsh Government added.


It is expected that the impact on journey times for road users in the area will be "negligible" and Gwent Police have "not provided opposition or commented negatively" regarding the speed limit change.

The costs of the work are estimated to be £40,000.

"The use of the mandatory 40 mph speed limit is an essential part of the proposal to improve road safety for users of the M48," the Welsh Government said.