A NEWPORT man has been fined for breaking lockdown rules, while the prime minister of the United Kingdom has been forced to apologise for attending a party at the height of lockdown.

But, while Gwent Magistrates Court issued Luke Gater a hefty fine for visiting another residence without reasonable excuse during a period of lockdown last year, Boris Johnson has, so far, escaped punishment for his actions during the first lockdown.

This comes despite growing calls for Mr Johnson to resign from his position.

And, while, the Conservative party is holding its own investigation into the party, which took place in May 2020, there is no suggestion of any police action relating to what was, at the time, an illegal gathering.

News that the prime minister may escape unscathed has sparked a strong response from Argus readers – with precedent having previously been set for covid rule breaking parties.

Since the start of the pandemic, there have been a number of fines handed out for breaches of the laws introduced as part of efforts to stop the spread of the potentially deadly virus.

In addition to the fines handed out to individuals such as Gater this past week, incidents which saw police breaking up parties also made the headlines – with police forces in Gwent and South Wales breaking up gatherings.

Incidents of this nature were reported to have taken place in Newport, and across the wider area, including Barry, and Caerphilly.

Below, you can see a selection of comments made by Argus readers.

Readers react to Newport covid fine

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Rachel E Ed said: “Shame for him he wasn’t at a Downing St party.”

Jayne Olerenshaw said: “How can they fine people when the people making the rules break them themselves.”

Stephanie Chidgey said: “Reimburse everyone who had a fine.”

Stuart Baxter said: “He thought it was a business meeting.”

Paul S Ross said: “Should be thrown out of court because Boris had his party.”

Lauren Briggs said: “Yet Boris will get away with it.”

Lynne Holmes said: “All fines should be dropped paid back Boris to pay put of his own pocket and thrown out of the government no pensions.”

Mandy Edwardss said: “Best Boris and his 'work colleagues' go to court too.”

Greer Cooper said: “Lol wonder if Boris & co will have same treatment.”

Vas Jabbar said: “Nothing but nonsense. Silly prosecuting members of the public when politicians don’t follow the rules. Prosecute Boris before anyone else gets prosecuted!”

Tom James said: “Boris isn’t from Newport though.”