A YELLOW weather warning of fog in Newport has been extended, with visibility reduced on major roads in and around the city.

Earlier in the week, the Met Office warned that the region could expect to see some fog today (Thursday, January 13).

But, while initial forecasts predicted that the weather phenomena would clear up by midday, the conditions have yet to improve, and the associated warning has been extended.

It is now thought that fog could persist until 11am tomorrow (Friday, January 14).

The weather agency has warned that the visibility issues could well lead to some travel disruption, with motorists having to move through fog patches with additional caution.

Busy sections of road, such as the M4 are likely to be impacted by the weather, with anyone looking to use the motorway urged to plan ahead, and to consider taking extra time to complete journeys.

South Wales Argus: A yellow weather warning is in place (Credit: Met Office)A yellow weather warning is in place (Credit: Met Office)

What’s more, temperatures in the Gwent area have dropped to freezing, which, when combined with the foggy conditions, make things rather miserable.

This afternoon, temperatures are set to stay at around the one degree mark, before dropping lower into the evening, through to the following morning.

While this forecast relates to Newport, it is a similar story across the wider South Wales area, for the most part.

Caerphilly and much of the surrounding county borough is the main exception, where fog is less likely than neighbouring areas.

What can we expect from the weather warning?

While on the surface, fog doesn’t appear to be all that concerning, the Met Office has warned that it has potential to cause some disruption.

They have said that “fog patches will form during the evening and then become more widespread overnight - perhaps leading to some travel disruption.”

In addition, they have said that slower journey times, and delays to both bus and train services are a possibility.