WORK to check on the condition of a major railway tunnel in Newport is set to start.

Over the coming days, Network Rail engineers are set to carry out maintenance work inside the Stow Hill Tunnels, just a few hundred metres away from Newport Railway Station.

The tunnels, which are also known as the Hillfield Tunnels, have been in place since the 1840s, and are a major part of the city’s rail infrastructure, as they are used to connect the city with Cardiff Central Station, and the rest of West Wales.

Over the coming days, specialist contractors are set to complete surveys inside the tunnels, in order to “review the condition of the tunnel”.

The work is set to be carried out from 8am to 5pm, from Monday, January 17, to Friday, January 21.

However, Network Rail have revealed that should survey work overrun, it may continue into the weekend.

It is not thought that it will cause any significant disruption to train services, but as part of the work, nearby roads will be closed at times to complete the survey efforts.

Roads affected include Windsor Terrace and Clyffard Crescent – though both won’t be closed at the same time.

Residents on these streets, and in the nearby area have received letters informing them of the upcoming works.

What has been said about the work?

In letters sent to nearby residents, Network Rail said: “We will be carrying out surveys to help us review the condition of the railway tunnel running underneath the area.

“To do this, specialist contractors will be using handheld and/or small pieces of equipment to complete the survey.

“We will need to complete some of the surveys in various locations along Windsor Terrace and Clyffard Crescent and to keep our teams safe, there will be a road closure in place (not in both locations at the same time) and we will work to keep disruption to a minimum.

“Work will take place during the day between the time of 8am to 5pm from Monday, January 17, to Friday, January 21. We may have to work on Saturday, January 22, to finish off surveys.

“You may see us working at other locations and there should be minimal impact to those other than the property owners who have been contacted prior to this work”.