It will be a damp start for Newport this morning, though the weather will brighten up through the day.

Overcast clouds will part for sunshine around 9am, and temperatures will continue to rise throughout the morning, peaking at 10 degrees around midday.

Into the evening temperatures will cool, dropping to five degrees by 9pm.

Though the Met Office does not expect rain to fall at any point through the day.


Giving the forecast for Wales, a Met Office spokesman said: “Cloudy and damp first thing but turning brighter and colder throughout the day. Long lived sunshine by the afternoon, but feeling cold in a northwesterly breeze. Maximum temperature nine degrees.

“Staying dry with largely clear skies overnight for most across Wales. Temperatures dropping leading to a widespread frost by the morning. Minimum temperature -3 degrees.”

For Thursday, the Met Office spokesman added: “A sunny day with lighter winds than Wednesday, though still feeling cold with a frosty morning and evening. Maximum temperature seven degrees.”