A COUPLE from Blaenau Gwent have issued a plea for help after desperately trying to find one of their horses that disappeared this week.

Mandy and Paul Davies, from Rassau near Ebbw Vale, say they’re increasingly worried that eight-year-old Siena has been stolen.

She was last seen five days ago on common land in Beaufort, near stables owned by the couple.

The couple are particularly concerned as Siena is pregnant and is expected to give birth in May.

Mrs Davies has spent countless hours with her husband searching for Siena, but admits there’s only so much they can do.

“We’ve walked and walked but we really need a team of us to go out there if we’re going to find her,” she told the Argus.

“It’s the not knowing where she is that’s the most worrying part – she’s in foal and due in May so we really need to get her back safely.”

Mrs Davies, who owns nine horses in total, said the common land above Beaufort has been plagued by off-road bikers, who she believes have cut down fences in order to access the area.

Siena is usually part of a trio of mares that graze on the common land, and it’s possible that she could’ve wandered through a gap in the fencing.

“She could have wandered off to Brecon for all we know,” she added.

“But it’s not like her, it would be out of character to do that.

“We’ve looked everywhere but we can’t cover it all on foot.”

The couple is now calling on anybody in the area with a quad bike to help search the common land for Siena.

Gwent Police said: "We received a report of theft in Ebbw Vale at around 2.25pm on Wednesday January, 19, that a horse was allegedly taken from common land near Garnlydan.

"Anyone with information is asked to call us on 101, or send us a direct message on social media, quoting log reference 2200020572."