LAST week we published a selection of pictures from the Kingsway Centre in Newport, including this one of the model of the Transporter Bridge which used to be at the top of the stairs leading to the InShops.

We asked readers to let us know what had happened to it.

David Hando, chairman of the Friends of Newport Transporter Bridge got in touch.

He said: "The Friends of Newport Transporter Bridge rescued the model. Rowecord kindly transported it and stored it at their riverside site. The boom could be seen from the Transporter Bridge.

"The Friends discussed with the Celtic Manor the possibility of re-erecting it there.

"Rowecord were willing to do all the construction work, including extending the legs to the right proportion. Unfortunately, no suitable site could be found

"When Rowecord ceased trading the large boom had to be scrapped, but Braithwaites are kindly looking after the gondola and clock and they have offered to erect it as a free standing monument, if a suitable site can be found

"Does anyone have any ideas?"

He said: "Meanwhile, the much loved matchstick model of the Transporter Bridge has been displayed for several years in the market, in a display cabinet donated by Dudleys Shopfitters. The new owners of the market, Loft-co, are proud to feature it in their splendidly redeveloped market."