It's been a tumultuous start to 2022 in Parliament.

At the time of writing, Boris Johnson is clinging on to his job by a thread amid the very justified public outcry over 10 Downing Street's repeated breaches of public health guidelines during the pandemic, which are now subject to an investigation by the police.

Many constituents in Newport East have been in touch me over the last few weeks to tell me just how frustrated and angry they feel with the Prime Minister.

He made the rules and knew the rules - despite claiming he was 'not told' about them - and has demonstrated total disdain for the public who have suffered so much over the last two years.

On behalf of all the constituents who contacted me with their personal stories, I called on the Prime Minister to go at PMQs. I hope by the time you read this he will have finally done the right thing.

This isn't just about rule-breaking birthday parties in the Cabinet Room or 'bring your own booze' parties at Downing Street. It's about a moral vacuum at the heart of power, a Prime Minister who is thoroughly discredited, and a government that is now unable to function or tackle the pressing issues the country faces internationally and domestically, from the threat of conflict in Ukraine to the cost of living crisis at home.

* I've heard from lots of residents about how the cost of living is really starting to hit home, and that this January has been tougher than most.

National Energy Action estimates that two million extra households will fall into fuel poverty this year, bringing the total across Britain to six million.

Research from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation shows that after expected price rises this April, energy bills will amount to nearly 20 per cent of the average income of a low-income family. This would rise to 25 per cent for lone parents and couples without children, while single-adult households on low incomes could be forced to spend 54 per cent of their income on gas and electricity.

Labour has been pushing the government to address this bleak situation, including through a recent motion to remove VAT from energy bills, funded by a windfall tax on North Sea oil and gas producer profits. I supported this sensible motion, but it was voted down by Conservative MPs.

The impact of skyrocketing household energy bills has been compounded by rising food and fuel costs, and ill-judged government cuts to Universal Credit. National Insurance rises due in April will only exacerbate the situation.

I want to get a fuller picture of the situation locally so that I can continue to press the government on the issues that really impact lives and livelihoods here in Newport East.

I'd be really grateful if you could take part in my Cost of Living 2022 survey, which you can fill in by visiting or scanning the QR code below.