A GWENT actor has spoken about his desire to bring an LGBTQ superhero to the screen.

Scott McGlynn from Blackwood has urged Disney, which owns Marvel, to provide a role model for the LGBTQIA+ community by bringing the character Marvel Boy to the screen – and has put his name in the hat for the role.

“I am a Marvel fan and I grew up with the comics,” said Mr McGlynn. “Marvel Boy is an outright bisexual character in the comics and it would be great to bring him to the screen as a role model.

“He’s a good character - he’s not fully good and he’s not fully bad, he’s quite on the fence.”

South Wales Argus:

Marvel Boy - whose real name is Noh-Varr - is an alien warrior who was introduced in his own series in 2000, and has since appeared in a range of Marvel titles, including the Avengers, the Young Avengers, and the Dark Avengers.

After briefly taking up the name of Captain Marvel, he became part of the Avengers main series when in 2010 he changed his name to Protector. In the Young Avengers series, he begins dating character Kate Bishop and reveals he is ‘not completely straight’ in 2013. In 2019 it was revealed he was bisexual when in the comic series West Coast Avengers he began to date Bishop’s ex Fuse.

In 2020 he featured in the new Guardians of the Galaxy comics which could pave the way for his MCU debut in a future Guardians of the Galaxy film.

Mr McGlynn spoke about how it would help with representation.

“As he is bisexual in the comics, it would be good to bring him to the screen as a representation of the LGBTQ community. We tend to see female characters being queer but not so many male ones and I would love to bring that forward.

“As an openly gay actor, I would love to bring this role to the screen.”


Marvel are including a lesbian superhero into the MCU film universe with the inclusion of Miss America, who will be played by Xochitl Gomez in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness later this year. It is unclear as to whether her sexuality – which has been included in the Young Avengers comics – will be mentioned in the film.

South Wales Argus:

Mr McGlynn is about to start filming for new horror film Summoning Bloody Mary 2 later this month.

“I am very excited for it and I can’t wait to film it and watch the movie,” he said.

Summoning Bloody Mary 2 is produced by Scott Jeffrey. It is the sequel to 2021’s Summoning Bloody Mary.