AIR fryers are one of the most sought-after kitchen gadgets of 2022.

Ideal for people trying to consume less calories, air fryers simulate deep frying without submerging food in oil.

A fan within the air fryer circulates hot air at a high speed, creating the ultimate cripsy textures and preserving many good nutrients.

If you've been searching for the best air fryers on offer in the UK, here's a mix of affordable, mid-range and expensive options currently on sale.


For just £29.99, Aldi is selling the Ambiano Halogen Air Fryer with full thermostatic temperature controls, timer function and handy matching tools.

South Wales Argus: Photos via PA and Aldi show Aldi's logo next to the Ambiano air fryer.Photos via PA and Aldi show Aldi's logo next to the Ambiano air fryer.

Shoppers have handed out five star reviews for the Aldi air fryer, having cooked anything from parmos and belly pork to full chickens.

One reviewer said: "I cooked Chinese roasted duck with excellent result. Free 3 years warranty from Aldi is a bonus."

You can buy the Ambiano air fryer via the Aldi website here.


Argos is selling the Tower T17061 4L Air Fryer in black for £63.

For a healthier alternative to conventional cooking, the large four litre Tower digital air fryer uses 99% less fat than conventional cooking. 

It can be used for frying, baking, grilling or roasting.

One shopper said: "Easy to use and the end result is fantastic!"

For those able to spend a little bit more, one of Argos' top selling air fryers is the Tower T17076 11L Xpress Pro Air Fryer, priced at £120.

Tower's technology will allow you to use it as an air fryer, rotisserie oven and dehydrator while it also comes in handy for baking and roasting.

With the addition of a reversible grill plate and wire rack, you can serve up pizzas, kebabs and chargrill-style steaks. 


AO has a great selection of air fryers with modern designs, including the Breville Easy Clean Digital VDF108 fryer in white.

For £59, this affordable air fryer has a 1kg capacity, making it suitable for any small or medium-sized household.

Once you've done cooking your doughnuts or mozarella sticks, you can easily put the components in your dishwasher. 

AO has a fantastic price-matched deal on the Tefal ActiFry FZ729840 Air Fryer in black, dropped from £199 to £167.

Features include 1.2 litre capacity, a timer, variable temperature controls, dishwasher-friendly components and a viewing window.

The Tefal Actifry Genius AH960040 air fryer (£200) offers 1.7kg capacity for families and Dual Motion technology, which moves food in two different directions for evenly-cooked dishes.

There are nine settings to choose from while it comes with removable dishwasher-friendly components surrounded in a white, futuristic design. 

For those who take their air fryers seriously, AO has placed the Ninja Foodi Max Pro AG651UK Health Grill & Air Fryer in black under clearance.

For £299, Ninja's air fryer gives you 3.78kg capacity, cyclonic technology which moves warm air up to 260° around your food, a handy timer and baking settings.

AO's full range of air fryers can be found via the website here.


Wayfair has a brilliant selection of air fryers - many of which fall in the under £100 price bracket.

Get 13% off WOLTU's family digital touchscreen air fryer in black or silver - featuring 10 settings, smart LED display, one of the largest capacities, 360° air technology and more.

WOLTU promises "delicious dishes that are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside with almost no oil". 

For health gurus, the VitAir Turbo 9 L Air Fryer in grey/black and red/black is currently in the Wayfair sale for £113.42.

Features include a 3D grilling cage and grilling spit and universal settings for baking, pizzas, steak, kebabs and more.

It has a timer function, removable pan with a non-stick coating and dishwasher-safe components as well as an LCD display.

One review said: "Brilliant, much much bigger than I thought, cooks wedges amazingly. Lovely to cook a whole chicken. Very easy for my son to use as well. Saves me worrying about him using the cooker."

You can find the full range via the Wayfair website here.


You can get £30 off the NINJA Foodi MAX Dual Zone AF400UK air fryer in black.

For £199, it has a capacity reaching up to 9.5 litres, dishwasher-safe components, 2 large removable baskets, digital timer and an easy-clean design.

This NINJA air fryer lets you cook two meals at the same time in the same appliance - perfect for busy families and fussy appetites.

Using 75% less oil, you can select from six customisable programs - from roasting to baking.

For those on a budget, Currys is selling the POWER AIRFRYER XL Health Fryer in black for £64.99.

With capacity up to 3.2 litres, easy-clean features and an odour filter, it offers 80% less fat - ideal for people on a mission to cook healthier food.