ANTI-VACCINE propaganda and comparisons to Nazi Germany have resulted in Twitter users being blocked on the social network by the Welsh Government and Mark Drakeford.

Dozens of accounts have been blocked by the official Twitter channels of the government and first minister, according to figures provided under a Freedom of Information request.

The Welsh Government's house rules for social media warn people to avoid posts that are "abusive or obscene", "deceptive or misleading" or illegal.

The figures show 59 Twitter accounts have been blocked by the Welsh Government – 57 by the English-language channel and two by the Welsh-language channel.

Additionally, Mark Drakeford has blocked 13 Twitter accounts, the majority (10) via his English-language channel.

The Welsh Government did not provide copies of the specific posts which led to each user being blocked, but did provide general examples of the offending material.

Users were blocked for tweets "containing threats of violence" and that made "offensive comparisons with Nazi Germany and the holocaust".

Action was also taken to block users who were "sharing dangerous misinformation regarding vaccination" and for those whose posts contained "repeated abusive and offensive language".

People who were "threatening or intimidating other users or guest contributors" on the Welsh Government and first minister's Twitter channels were also blocked, the Freedom of Information request shows.