RAGLAN Castle was brought into the 21st century today as a new augmented reality (AR) system of interactive games was unveiled.

5G Wales Unlocked has launched its first 5G-powered augmented reality gaming experience at Raglan Castle, with the help of Jam Creative Studios

Local schoolchildren were the first to try out the new tech.

Using special 5G tablets – available for free – visitors can simulate an attack on the castle.

There’s also the chance to play bowls with King Charles or explore the fountain court.

Libby Warwick of Jam Creative Studios said: "We do a lot of AR but with 5G we can go bigger.

"This allows us to use cloud tracking technology, we can place the CGI castle right onto the real one.

"This (5G) means loads of people can use it at once. It can be frustrating when there are connectivity issues."


The children spent the two-hour launch event glued to the AR experience, which makes different games accessible depending on where the user is in the castle.

"It was really nice to see the children enjoying it," Ms Warwick said.

"One of them said it was the best castle ever because of the AR.

"It’s about engaging them with heritage in a new way. Getting them in by stealth."

Monmouthshire County Council's cabinet member for the economy, Sara Jones, said that technology such as was unveiled today was "the future" for the region.

"It's really exciting," she said.

"Not just for the kids but the whole community.

"Poor connectivity is a real issue in Monmouthshire. We do have a big divide.

"There are real benefits for heritage, children and rural communities across Monmouthshire."