BICYCLE rental scheme Nextbike is seeing hundreds of rentals each day after it returned to Cardiff and the Vale recently.

The bikes had previously been withdrawn from the area after months of theft and vandalism.

Rentals of the bikes have been high this month despite the awful February weather and several storms.

Nextbike managing director, Krysia Solheim, said: "The rental numbers we’ve seen over the last week have been phenomenal, with almost three rides per bike per day for much of last week. 

"That’s a really high figure, especially given that we’re still in the grips of winter - when traditionally bike share rentals often drop because of the inclement weather. 

"As a comparison, our Glasgow OVO Bikes fleet saw an average of two rentals per bike when the world descended on the city during the UN’s COP26 Climate conference, which highlights just how impressive Cardiff and the Vale’s figures are.

"We may have been away for a couple of months, but it looks like the region’s love affair with the bicycle hasn’t been diminished."

More than 350 bikes are available for rental with more expected to be added to the fleet soon.

The Cardiff Cycle Crime Reduction Partnership was formed to tackle the issue of vandalism and theft of bikes in Cardiff and the Vale.

Though there have not been as many incidents of vandalism as before the bikes were withdrawn, it can still happen.

Ms Solheim said: "We have had several incidents of vandalism, which is obviously disappointing.

"South Wales Police have been incredibly proactive in helping us deal with incidents.

"The majority of the Cardiffians and our OVO Bikes family have been incredibly supportive and have told us how glad they have been to have their bikes back on the streets.

"We continue to encourage the public to report any crime they see in progress immediately to South Wales Police and we’d like to thank everyone who has already helped alert us of incidents they’ve witnessed."


Inspector Darren Grady, from South Wales Police, said: "It is fantastic to have the bikes back on the streets and we see the bikes being used daily around the city.

"But a word of warning to anyone who damages or attempts to steal any of the bikes - we will do all we can to identify and arrest you.

"We are committed to working with nextbike and the local authority to protect the scheme and prevent these offences."