A 14-YEAR-OLD MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter from Blackwood is making her mark in the world of boxing.

Lexi Walton and her younger brother Leon have been involved with MMA fighting since they were just four years old, with Lexi aspiring to be an MMA cage fighter when she is old enough.

The duo are trained in MMA, muay thai, and jujitsu - and started training with Welsh former professional boxer Gavin Rees seven months ago.

Lexi, who also has wrestling experience, didn't have any easy start to boxing - she lost in her second boxing fight at the MTK Boxing Cup 2021.

“Her opponent outboxed her – she was far more experienced,” said Lexi’s father Mark Walton.

“Gavin said it was a bit of a wild card entering her in the cup, but that with her style she had a chance to win it.

"He said there’s always next time.”

And, last month, “next time” arrived. The teen won in three rounds of fight and was crowned boxer of the night, bringing home two trophies.

“She absolutely demolished her opponent,” said Mr Walton.

“After the fight a boxing official approached my parenter and Lexi – not knowing she doesn’t want to be a boxer – and said her boxing was world class; her performance was phenomenal.

“The footage of the fight speaks for itself – she was the power, the speed, she can even take a hard shot."

“She’s done us all proud,"

"She was putting combinations into her opponent like lightning; it was remarkable.”

Lexi and her brother train with Gavin Rees in boxing who has brought the pair “leaps sand bounds” while they train with Jack Shore at Shore Mixed Martial Arts for the MMA and jujitsu side of things.

Despite being involved in MMA fighting for a decade now Lexi remains passionate.

“I’m glad that the determination is still there,” added Mr Walton.

“Lexi and Leon still enjoy it, which it what gives them the drive to do it, and they are keen to pursue MMA fighting.

"In two years, Lexi will be 16 and can maybe be a cage warrior.”

Lexi and Leon are looking for additional sponsors to help with training and competitions.

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