TOMORROW Wales celebrates our patron saint for St David's Day.

Although it’s a Welsh tradition to celebrate St David on March 1 – with youngsters wearing traditional Welsh clothes and costumes to school and people tucking into Welsh cakes - the day is not a bank holiday.

Although St Patrick's Day is a bank holiday in Northern Ireland, and St Andrew's Day is a bank holiday in Scotland - although banks are not required to close if they don’t wish to - Wales and England do not have a bank holiday to celebrate their patron saints: St David and St George.

For more than two decades there's been divided opinion on whether St David's Day should be made a bank holiday - we asked our readers via Facebook what they should and there was a mixed response.

Many people simply said "yes" while others offered a bit more elaboration on their support.

Daphne Herapath wrote:

“Why not? We are in Wales and Welsh also”

Sarah Wells added: “100 per cent yes – it should be a day of national celebration!”

Some commenters recalled that when they were young they would have a half day off school to celebrate St David’s Day, which could be a compromise.

Although many were in favour, there were also people against the idea.

Beryl Davies wrote:

“And a day off for Grandparent Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, the Queen’s birthday, Charles’ birthday, etc. Why work at all? Any excuse for a day off. When I was young we worked a 42 hour week – it did not hurt me.”

Tom Risdale added “any lame excuse for a bank holiday these days” while Rob Edwards argued that there is “too much time off already in this country”.

Some opposed the move with a focus on schools, rather than work.

Stephanie Yates wrote “schools get enough time [off] as it is” while Marina Sutton said:

“No, children love a chance to wear Welsh shirts and have Welsh flags. The little look so cute in the Welsh dresses – great day at school, keep it going a happy day”.

Meanwhile, some people suggested that a bank holiday would not make a difference to many workers.

Gareth James wrote:

“I work bank holidays anyway, so it makes no difference whatsoever to me and many others”.

Jonesy Jones added: “Only problem with that is that some people are forced to use bank holidays out of their holiday allowance and that’s not fair”.