TESTING rules will wind down in the coming months when Wales removes its remaining Covid restrictions.

Gradual changes to who needs a test - and in what circumstances - will begin at the end of this month, and by the summer testing will be phased out for the general public.

The plan means Wales will eventually move in line with England's approach to testing, but first minister Mark Drakeford has sought to avoid what he called the "cliff-edge" approach taken in Westminster.

The Welsh Government's next review of the Covid rules is due on Friday, March 24, with the expectation the nation's remaining rules - around things like wearing masks - will be lifted, barring any dramatic change to the public health situation.

Mr Drakeford has acknowledged "we’ve been living in the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic for two long years" and now is the time to "look to the future with growing confidence", as Wales moves from treating Covid as a pandemic to a virus that is endemic.

How will testing change in Wales over the coming months?

Until the end of March, there'll be no changes to the nation's testing policy. If you have symptoms, you should book at test and self-isolate until you receive the results. If that test comes back positive, you should continue isolating for the required period.

But from the end of the month, the rules will begin to be relaxed in a "cautious and phased" way that can be "scaled up" if Covid springs any more of what the first minister has called "nasty surprises".

Step 1, at the end of March or early April, will bring the end of the legal requirement to self-isolate, replaced by guidance to test if you are symptomatic and isolate if positive.

You won't be able to obtain free lateral flow tests (LFTs) if you are asymptomatic and routine testing in workplaces and childcare settings will end.

Step 2, from April to June, will mean anyone in Wales who has symptoms will be offered LFTs rather than the more expensive PCR tests at testing centres. Results should still be reported, and people will be advised - not required - to isolate if they test positive

Step 3, at the end of June, will wind down testing completely and LFTs will no longer be available to the public. Routine contact tracing and self-isolation support payments will end. The guidance to self-isolate will be relaxed, and replaced with advice to take precautions if you are ill, such as staying at home if possible.