A COMMEMORATIVE woodland to remember those who have died throughout the pandemic will be planted in Caerphilly.

First minister Mark Drakeford has announced on the second anniversary of the first national Covid lockdown that a woodland will be planted at Cwmfelinfach.

The site is the third confirmed location for a commemorative woodland – after the National Trust Cymru’s Erddig Estate in Wrexham and a site identified by Natural Resources Wales at Brownhill in the Tywi Valley in Carmarthenshire.

The Welsh Government announced its plan last year to plant memorial woodlands as a symbol of Wales’ resilience during the pandemic, and one of regeneration and renewal as the new woodlands grow.

It is hoped they will be places of quiet reflection for families and friends to remember lost loved ones, the Welsh Government said.

“We have lived our lives in the shadow of the pandemic over the last two years,” said Mr Drakeford.

“It has touched our lives and everyone has made sacrifices. Too many have lost family members, loved ones or friends.

“These woodlands will be a permanent and living memorial to all those who have died. They will also be a symbol of the strength the people of Wales have shown over the past two years. ”

To mark the anniversary, short films will also be broadcast online. These will feature a poem, originally written by Ifor ap Glyn, for the national commemorative event held last year.

Dod at ein coed, or Tree sensibility, was written in response to the announcement of the planting of woodlands as places of reflection, in memory of those lost during the pandemic.

The poet, the first minister, NHS staff, essential workers, volunteers and the relatives of those who died during the pandemic are featured reciting the poem.

The films will be published on the Welsh Government’s social media channels.