ROB Brydon said he has “one hell of a bond” with actress Ruth Jones after growing up at the same secondary school.

The actor and comedian, 56, played Bryn West in the hit series Gavin & Stacey - much of which was filmed and set in Barry and was co-written by Ms Jones, who also starred as Nessa.

Mr Brydon’s friendship with Ms Jones dates back to secondary school in Wales.

He told Jay Rayner on his Out To Lunch podcast: “My memory of it is that she was part of the, not the drama society there wasn’t that, but we had a brilliant young drama teacher and put on a big musical each year.

“So we did West Side Story, I managed to be one of the Jets and I had one line.

“It does give us a hell of a bond and it’s quite emotional because you know, I’ve known her for bloody donkey’s years.”

The pair will reunite for a new Comedy Playhouse sitcom titled Gaynor And Ray set to air on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

The special, co-written by Ms Jones, will see them play a newly wed couple from Cardiff married for a second time.

Mr Brydon added: “The best thing we ever did together in terms of enjoyment was the record we made for Comic Relief, where we did a version of Islands In The Stream which we’d sung in the show (Gavin & Stacey).

“They got Tom Jones on it and we went to Las Vegas to film the video.

“That was incredible. So we fly in and we’re filming this thing and Ruth and I just could not believe because Tom Jones is a big deal wherever you are, but especially if you grew up in Wales.”