OPINIONS are split over the future of Covid masks in Wales, according to our readers.

The Welsh Government this week scrapped laws on mask-wearing in shops and on public transport - but they are still mandatory in health and care settings.

The rules were among the last Covid regulations in place - also this week, the legal requirement to self-isolate was scrapped for people who test positive.

Mark Drakeford has asked people to do the "right" thing even though there is no legal reason for them to continue isolating or wearing a mask.

We asked our Facebook readers whether they would continue to wear a mask to go shopping in Wales.

Of the more than 200 people who responded, around two-thirds said they would still wear a mask while shopping.

They included Mary Vale, who said: "Don't forget it's not all about you. Keep others safe too. On a personal basis I will continue to wear a mask when it's appropriate."

Neal Elstone said: "If it's busy, yes, but [I] will assess every situation, [and I] always have one with me."

Stella Minett hoped mask-wearing would be tolerated by others.

She said "[I] just hope I don’t get any abuse from other people for my choice".

Yvonne Selwood said: "As someone who works in social care, there is still an onus to keep the vulnerable protected.

"Each to their own but no one should be judged or ridiculed because they choose to. Personally I've suffered less illness in the last two years and don't see mask-wearing as an issue."

The "each to their own" argument was a common theme among people who favoured and opposed continued mask-wearing.

Ryan West, who said he would not wear a mask while shopping, said he would "respect others' choice to wear them".

And Danielle Hadfield said: "I get everyone has their own reasons and it’s their own personal choice. I however have decided not to wear mine. However I may feel different in certain settings and I’ll always carry one just in case."

Other people said they would ditch masks because they didn't like breathing through them.

Anne Marie said: "I can't breath under the things. I don't even have breathing problems; it's like I'm being suffocated."

And Alyn Williams said he would be "glad to stop wearing them".

"I can't breathe with them; it kills me," he added.