PLANS to open a new community arts space in Newport city centre have been submitted.

If approved, an empty retail space on Cambrian Road would be given a new lease of life.

Previously, the premises at 22 Cambrian Road has been used as the home of an estate agents and insurance consultants firm.

But, it is thought that over a decade ago, it may have found use as an art gallery.

According to old Argus reports, the premises was once home to the Ty Celf art gallery.

It is not immediately clear when this closed, but it is understood that it was no longer an art space by summer 2013.

But, earlier this month, a planning application was submitted to Newport City Council to change the allowed use of the premises from offices to use as a “community arts space”.

The application has been submitted to the council by an applicant listed as J Benson.

Further information about these plans are not yet known.

However, while the application is currently at a stage where comments and representations can be made, it has already passed one major milestone.

Given the premises’ location in the city centre, there is no requirement for parking spaces, and as a result, it has not faced objection from the city’s highways officers.

Plans for the proposed community arts centre and be viewed and commented upon online here.