MANY Argus readers will continue to self-isolate if they catch Covid, even if there is no legal reason to stay at home.

But there are also financial concerns, with some workers saying they won't be able to afford to take time off.

Wales scrapped its quarantine laws earlier this week, and for the first time in two years there is no legal requirement to self-isolate if you develop symptoms of coronavirus or test positive.

The rule was one of the last Covid regulations in place in Wales. Also this week, the Welsh Government scrapped the legal requirement for wearing a mask in shops and on public transport - but they will continue to be necessary in health and care settings.

Mark Drakeford has asked people to do the "right" thing even though there is no legal reason for them to continue isolating.

We asked our Facebook readers whether they would still self-isolate with Covid, even though it's no longer legally required.

Of the more than 100 responses we received, the vast majority of people said they would stick to the isolation guidance.

Karen Jacobs said it was about having "consideration for others".

"You'd stay at home with any other contagious disease, wouldn't you," she said.

Matthew Smith said staying at home with Covid was "the right thing to do for vulnerable people and others".

And Denise Smith said: "I wouldn't go into work or anywhere else where I was going to be close to people if I had flu, so why would I want to spread Covid around?

"I would be mortified if I was to find that I had given it to someone vulnerable who then became seriously ill."

Amy Price said it would be "irresponsible not to" isolate, but she was also one of many people who said firms should support their workers to quarantine.

"I think there should be more onus on employers to pay the appropriate sick pay when someone is positive, so no one feels forced to go out to work while contagious," she added.

Other people had similar views. 

Amanda Luther said: "Many people can't afford to. I would as I'm in a position to be able to, but I understand that others can't."

And Steffan McMahon said: "Unfortunately, unless places of work are paying for the time off, people won't isolate. It's something unfortunately that we will all have to live with and deal with as part of our daily lives going forward."

Kerrie Carpenter said she wouldn't isolate "unless my work is still paying me".

And Jane Jones said "I have no pay if off sick - I would have no choice, like many".

The Welsh Government is continuing the self-isolation support payments for the next few weeks, but that will only cover eligible people on low incomes who test positive for Covid.

With the ongoing cost-of-living crisis and higher energy bills from this month, it seems financial reasons will play a major part when many people decide whether to self-isolate in future.