COLOURFUL pieces of artwork have suddenly appeared under a busy Newport flyover.

The murals, which have been painted on pillars under the A4042 flyover in Shaftesbury have been created in the style of Harlequin colour patters – a nod to the busy Harlequin roundabout nearby, just a stone’s throw from the city centre.

Commissioned by Newport City Council, the work is the doing of Caerphilly mural artist Paul Shepherd.

“It’s usually private work I do – so this is a bit of a change for me,” he told the Argus.

“All day I’ve had people passing saying thanks for brightening the place up – it’s my fourth day on the job now.”

The painting has received a positive response on social media, with plenty of people welcoming the bright colours as a nice addition to the area. Yet, there were some concerns over whether the piece would be vandalised.

It comes at a time when street-art in Newport appears to be on the rise.

South Wales Argus: The artwork near the Harlequin roundabout in Newport.The artwork near the Harlequin roundabout in Newport.

“I originally approached the council to find out if there were any legal areas for street art,” Mr Shepherd added.

“In Cardiff and Bristol – they’ve got legal areas where if you’re an artist you can just turn up and paint what you want to – but there’s nothing in Newport.

“The came back to me then saying that they didn’t have any legal areas but that they did have a job for me to do – but yes, places like this would be ideal for legal street art.”

South Wales Argus: Caerphilly artist Paul Shepherd was commissioned by Newport City Council to do the work.Caerphilly artist Paul Shepherd was commissioned by Newport City Council to do the work.

Last November a beautiful mural celebrating urban wildlife appeared on the side of a home on Corporation Road in Maindee.

The artist responsible, Andy O’Rourke, said at the time that Newport had huge potential to become a hub for street-art, just like it’s neighbour Bristol.

Earlier this month it was confirmed that a new street art project headed up by long-time Barnabas Arts House owner Jan Martin would go ahead in the Pill area of the city.

Ms Martin said that her aim with the project was to make art that has a direct connection to the area which would allow people to relate to the work.