PRIME Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak are both expected to receive fines for breaking lockdown rules.

It comes amid a Metropolitan Police investigation into lockdown parties at Downing Street and Whitehall – with more than 50 fines being handed out so far.

Boris Johnson’s wife, Carrie Johnson, is also expected to receive a fine for her involvement.

A total of 16 events were investigated earlier this year by the senior civil servant Ms Gray – 12 of which were subject to Metropolitan Police investigations.

It’s not yet clear which events the fines for Mr Johnson and Mr Sunak are linked to.

South Wales Argus: Boris Johnson fined alongside Rishi Sunak over lockdown parties at Downing Street. (PA)Boris Johnson fined alongside Rishi Sunak over lockdown parties at Downing Street. (PA)

Opposition figures including Labour leader Keir Starmer and Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon have called on Mr Johnson and Mr Sunak to resign in light of the fines.

Wales' first minister has also called for the prime minister to go. 

Mr Johnson is now the first serving prime minister of the UK to be sanctioned for breaking the law.

In multiple addresses to the House of Commons, the prime minister had always maintained that no lockdown rules had been broken.

Labour MP for Newport West, Ruth Jones, echoed her leader Keir Starmer’s calls for both the prime minister and chancellor to resign.

“Keir Starmer was absolutely correct when he said that Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak have broken the law and repeatedly lied to the British public.

“Like many people across Newport West, I believe the Prime Minister and Chancellor must both resign.

“The Conservatives are totally unfit to govern our country.

“Newport West deserves better”.

Newport East MP Jessica Morden – also Labour – took to Twitter to share her thoughts.

“The Prime Minister misled Parliament and lied to the entire country,” Ms Morden said.

“It hasn’t been forgotten. He must go.”

Shadow secretary of state for international trade and Torfaen MP Nick Thomas-Symonds said: “Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak have broken the law they expected everyone else to follow and repeatedly lied about it to the British public.

“They have disgraced their high offices and must both resign. The Conservatives are unfit to govern.”

Labour MP for Blaenau Gwent Nick Smith said: “Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak not only broke the law, but then repeatedly lied about it.

“While people across the UK made sacrifices to keep each other safe, they were partying in Downing Street.

“They must both resign immediately.”

Islwyn’s Labour MP Chris Evans dubbed the prime minister a liar.

“The Police have confirmed what we all knew - The Prime Minister is a liar.

“He set the rules, broke them, then lied about it, time and time again.

“He has shown complete disregard for all those families who could not meet their loved ones during lockdown.

“There is no way around this for Johnson, he must resign.”

Labour MP for Caerphilly Wayne David and Conservative MP for Monmouth David Davies were also approached for comment.