A MAN told his terrified mother and brother “I’m the hardest in the family and I can take you” after he challenged his sibling to a fight.

Gavin Edwards, 38, was living in a caravan on his mother’s driveway in the Blackwood area when trouble flared, Cardiff Crown Court heard.

A restraining order has been in place since 2014 preventing him entering his mum’s house for her own safety because “she lives in fear of him”.

This was the sixth breach of the restraining order, and was committed on licence just eight days after he had been released from prison for a similar offence.

Your mother was scared to death

Gareth James, prosecuting, said: “The defendant was living in a caravan on his mother’s driveway.

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“His mother had been trying to assist him with his day to day living.

“Illegal drugs have caused problems in his life.”

Edwards confronted his brother inside his mother’s house on March 18 and offered to fight him before he was locked outside the home and a 999 call made to the police.

The defendant, of no fixed abode, Markham, near Blackwood, pleaded guilty to harassment and breach of a restraining order.

It was heard in mitigation how Edwards should be given the appropriate credit for admitting the offences.

The judge, Recorder Carl Harrison, told the defendant: “You argued with your brother and you challenged him to a fight, telling him you were going to thump him.

“Your mother tried to push you away from him and she hurt her wrist in doing so.

“You were saying things such as, ‘I’m the hardest in the family and I can take on all of you’.

“Your mother was trying to calm you down and not to aggravate you and she said she was scared to death.

“When you went outside to use your phone, your mother locked the door and the police were called.

“There’s a victim personal statement from your mother which states she lives in constant fear of you and she sits at home with the doors locked and the curtains drawn."

Edwards was jailed for 12 months and ordered to pay a victim surcharge after his release from custody.