A SURVEY has been launched online by National Trust Cymru, asking people what their thoughts are on the potential removal of Dobby’s grave from Freshwater West beach.

There are fears from the conservation charity that tributes to Dobby may need to be removed in order to preserve Freshwater West’s natural beauty.

The elf, who was an integral character from the Harry Potter book and film series, had his death scene filmed at the beach as part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One.

Since then, the beach has become a popular tourist attraction for Potterheads.

People flock to the area and leave stones and socks, with many of them saying “Here lies Dobby, a free elf.”

However, there are fears that the attraction is so popular, that the tributes to Dobby may need to be removed, or transferred elsewhere, to protect the beach’s natural beauty.

National Trust Cymru has launched the survey, asking people whether they believe the site should be removed, or transferred to an accessible location off-site, to protect the beach’s fragile sand dunes.

South Wales Argus: One of the questions asked on the online surveyOne of the questions asked on the online survey

The consultation from National Trust Cymru said: “Freshwater West is much loved and over time has become increasingly popular.

“Access to nature and the outdoors for all is vitally important but the increase in visitors has added pressure on the environment and facilities.

“This does not feel sustainable in the long-term, without negatively impacting this special place.

“Those who care for it, enjoy it and live locally want only the best for Freshwater West. To help understand the issues and consider what options there are for the future a public consultation has begun.”

A spokesperson from National Trust Cymru said: “Dobby’s Grave, its ongoing creation, definition, and impact on the landscape is a topic for discussion as part of that consultation process.

“Once the consultation process has ended in August a presentation of findings and recommendations will be delivered publicly and to key stakeholders. 

“This will help create a vision for a sustainable future for Freshwater West and guide us in any future decisions we make for this exceptional place.”