THE second series of crime drama We Hunt Together used Newport as a location for many exterior shots.

While the series is set in London, much of the filming was done in Wales with Newport in particular used often.

One of the cast, Torchwood star Eve Myles who plays DS Lola Franks, appeared on ITV's This Morning on Thursday, May 5, to talk about the new series.

Ms Myles said: "Wales at the moment, I'd say for the last 10 years, has been saturated in a really good way with lots of different productions coming from all over the world and that's just wonderful to see.

"We have really great industrial sites, we have countryside, the mountains and the ocean - it can cut for anything.

"We've used Newport in particular this time round for a lot of the exteriors and it's cut beautifully.

"We've got a lot of exteriors in London that we've done as well... but it's cut fantastically well into the architecture into Newport.

"It's the magic of TV, it's really exciting when that happens."

The Powys-born actress also admitted it was nice to film in Wales because she could go home and sleep in her own bed instead of "living out of a bag".


The second series of We Hunt Together picks up 10 months after the conclusion of the previous series.

Described as a cat and mouse thriller, the show also focuses on the relationships between the detectives DS Lola Franks and DI Jackson Mendy (Babou Ceesay) and (in the first series) murderers Baba (Dipo Ola) and Freddy (Hermione Corfield).

The new series focuses on a new killer who roams the streets of London in a pigeon mask.

A dark tone will be established early on, with Ms Myles saying the first scene is of the new killer attacking a father and his baby.

The new series will debut on TV channel Alibi on Thursday, May 5 at 9pm.