Well done to all newly elected councillors in Wales.

The over all result was a disappointing one for the Conservative Party and it has certainly been a challenging few days for many colleagues in Monmouthshire Conservatives.

Our truly amazing candidates and activists worked hard, guided by the outstanding leadership of Richard John under an inspiring manifesto.

Sadly, wider issues have taken their toll rather than there being a focus on the excellent local work of the Conservative group on Monmouthshire County Council.

There is no doubt many people wanted to send a message to the UK government. We must listen and try to do better.

For the time being, I offer genuine congratulations to all those who have won and commiserations to those who lost. It is no easy task to fight an election.

Labour made a big political issue out of the fine issued to Boris Johnson for breaking lockdown rules.

The prime minister said it was wrong and apologised. The fact he was being investigated was enough to cause Keir Starmer to call for his immediate resignation.

I do wonder where Mr Starmer stands now his own behaviour is being investigated by police. I fail to see how gathering for curry and beer at the end of a long day constitutes a “work-based meeting”. Even stranger is that the Labour Party “forgot” Angela Raynor was present. Is she the sort of shy wallflower who draws no attention to herself at get-togethers?

As I write, Mr Starmer is firmly holding on to his job. Given his view that a police investigation into senior politicians should lead to a resignation, I am afraid Mr Starmer will either have to consider his own position or face a further charge of sheer hypocrisy.

In retaliation for the UK’s support of Ukraine, I have been hit with Russian sanctions.

My name is on a list of 287 parliamentarians banned by the Kremlin from entering Russia.

Moscow claims British MPs have pushed “hostile rhetoric and far-fetched accusations” and whipped up “Russophobic hysteria” after Vladimir Putin decided to unleash the biggest military attack in Europe since the Second World War.

I am proud to be on this list with many of my colleagues in the House of Commons and we will wear our sanctions as a badge of honour.

The UK government has led the world in providing weapons and training to the Ukrainian government, organising sanctions against Russia, sending our armed forces to NATO bases in the region and supporting refugees.

We continue to stand with Ukraine.