A SHORT film written by and starring a Newport actress will premiere soon.

BUBBLE was written by Stacey Daly and inspired by the Covid lockdowns, asking the question:

“Who are we when no one's watching?"

It stars Stacey Daly as Leah and Jonny George as Luke - two strangers who connect online during lockdown.

Ms Daly has experience as an actress but it was her first time writing a film, which was helped by crowdfunding.

BUBBLE was delayed after BAFTA-Cymru nominated director Luke Andrews being diagnosed with cancer.

“The good news is Luke is well now and back in the project,” said Ms Daly.

“It’s been delayed but we’ve picked it back up and it’s moving at a nice pace.”

BUBBLE is currently in its "picture lock phase" - meaning the final edit before the sound engineer and colourist work their magic. It was shot over two days in August 2021.

“It was a crazy two days trying to cram it all in as this is what our budget allowed,” said Ms Daly.

“I’m incredibly excited and proud of it, but it’s also terrifying.

"When you act people can critique your performance but it's not your writing and filming – I feel quite vulnerable.

“There’s also the pressure of the people who kindly donated; I want them to be proud of BUBBLE but they might not like it.

“Considering the restrictions at the time and the little money we had hope it has cinematic value.

"It’s daunting but I’m keen to get it out there and see what people think.”

South Wales Argus: Jonny George, Luke Evans, and Stacey DalyJonny George, Luke Evans, and Stacey Daly

BUBBLE is around 13 minutes long and due to launch at the end of June or early in July.

Ms Daly hopes that – despite lockdown being over – people still “remember and identify with it” and that the film “resonates” with its audience.

“A few have test watched; all had different opinions which is wonderful,” added Ms Daly. “One person said they liked it because it has no specific answers.

"We want it to be a film where you don’t know exactly what’s happened, but you want to watch it again.

“We want it to be thought provoking and hope the audience are gripped and intrigued.”

South Wales Argus:

A private screening, for those who helped fund the project, is planned before BUBBLE is taken to film festivals as some won't show films which have previously been publicly screened.

Following its run at film festivals BUBBLE - directed by Luke Andrews and produced by Daniel J. Harris of Focus Shift Films and Thulsa Doom Video - will be made publicly available so “everyone can see it”.