A DRIVER had their new car seized within a few hours of buying it because they had failed to take out motor insurance.

The incident in Newport prompted a warning from police officers over new car purchases.

Police discovered the driver's insurance problem because the car had been involved in a collision.

Officers from Gwent Police's operations team said they were called out to reports a vehicle had "collided with a barrier on the M4".

"The driver had just bought the vehicle and did not have insurance," the officers said in a statement on social media. "Remember to take out car insurance before you drive the car away."

Motor insurance is mandatory for any car, new or otherwise - and drivers must have insurance from the first moment they want to drive their vehicle.

"The most important thing is to make sure you’re insured before you start driving your new car, especially if you are buying it from a private individual," said advice from price comparison site Moneysupermarket.

"Dealerships will often offer you temporary insurance to cover you for the first few days of ownership, but if you’re buying a vehicle privately you’ll need insurance in place before you pick it up."