THE open warrants listed this week are an odd mix, with a variety of alleged thefts offences and allegations of possessing banned rifle ammunition.

Without further ado, here are the latest open warrants issued for people in Gwent from Newport Magistrates' Court.

Anthony Desmond Banner, 41, of West Hill in Tredegar, is wanted after allegedly failing to appear for sentence.

Banner had previously pleaded guilty to several theft offences.

On March 9, Banner stole £60 worth of candles from Farmfoods in Gwent Shopping Centre in Tredegar.

On March 15, Banner stole meat to the value of £19.50 from Iceland in The Walk in Ebbw Vale.

Continuing the meat theme, Banner indicated a guilty plea for commiting burglary in Farmfoods in Brynmawr.

Alongside Shane Price, Banner stole £119.92 worth of lamb from the Farmfoods on 27 March.

A warrant for this arrest without bail has been issued.

Scott Allen, 20, of Tone Close in Bettws, Newport is accused of possessing prohibited ammunition.

Allen allegedly had three types of rifle cartridge intended for military use in his possession between August 6, 2021 to November 8, 2021.

As the offence could result in imprisonment, a warrant for Mr Allen's arrest without bail has been issued.


Daniel Ban, 22, of Halstead Street in Newport, is accused of leaving without paying for petrol.

Ban allegedly dishonestly left without intending to pay for petrol on two occasions in Newport on February 15, 2022.

One charge is for leaving without paying £101.37, while another charge is for leaving without paying £151.90.

Because the charges could carry the penalty of jail time, a warrant has been issued for Ban's arrest without bail.

David Anthony Fontanella, 37, of Snowden Court in Caerphilly, was allegedly in possession of banned substances.

On June 9, 2021, Fontanella is accused of possessing a quantity of cannabis resin, diazepam and pregabalin in Caerphilly.

A warrant for his arrest without bail has been issued because the offences are punishable with time in prison.